•   COVID-19 Rules

    • 1. Size – The maximum group size for a ride is 10 people. If over 10, we will divide into smaller groups.
    • 2. Mask – A mask or face covering must be worn at all times, no exceptions, when social distancing is not possible. Bring an extra in case of mask failure. If coughing, sneezing or running nose; please drop to end of line. No spitting please.
    • 3. Social Distance – Maintain a distance of no less than 6 feet at stops and 20 feet (approximately 3 bike lengths) while riding. No more than 2 bikes may be 6 feet apart side by side.
    • 4. Mechanical issues – Each rider must be responsible for his/her own bike repairs (or transportation home if repair cannot be completed on the road.) Bring tube and tools on the ride.
    • 5. Supplies – Please bring your hand sanitizer and other PPE you deem necessary.
    • 6. Membership – You must be a member to participate in MPBC rides. Please make sure that you have turned in a completed application form and fee for the 2020 season. (You may bring your application and fee to the ride).
    • 7. CDC Rules – Please follow CDC rules and stay home if not feeling well. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
    • 8. COVID-19 Waiver -- By participating in MPBC rides and events, you acknowledge that Mount Prospect Bike Club and its officers and members are not responsible for your possible exposure to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Please see updated Ride Sign-in Form.

Where do we ride

Forest preserves and nearby cities .

Busse Woods


River Trails


Botanic Garden

Long Grove

Rides Options

Event Dates Miles Details
Monthly Sunday Touring Rides Departs 9:00 AM from various local parks 30 to 50 miles, intermediate pace Ride through local towns & countryside, different weekly route - typically with a lunch stop
Fitness Ride Sundays 20-30 miles Advanced Pace. Designed for busy riders emphasizing trails and bike routes. Start at Starbucks, 100 W. Northwest Highway, Mt. Prospect. Coffee 7:30 A.M. Ride at 8:00 A.M.
Thursday Evening Rides ) 6:15 PM April - August/6PM September 10 - 15 miles Great for both new and more experienced riders. Departs from Lions Park (6 PM after Sept. 1), ride until sundown, lights recommended.

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