MPBC is committed to be a locally focused bike club.  We believe that people shouldn't have to transport their bike by car to the start of group rides - that every community should have a local bike club.  Because of this, most of our rides start in or very close to Mount Prospect.  We work to spread the joy of cycling.

The Mount Prospect Bike Club is committed to improving the conditions for cycling in our community.  This includes tracking the status of local governmental initiatives related to cycling.  Here are some of the developments are are monitoring:

  1. The Mount Prospect Comprehensive Bike Plan was adopted by the board of trustees on Feb 7, 2012.  The plan describes a multiphase vision to add cycling amenities throughout our community.  It allocates no funds and applies no schedule to implementation of the plan.  However, 2016 saw the implementation of village-wide bike route signage (map).  Items 2.4.A (covered bike rack installation) is underway.  
  2. Mount Prospect's Bike Plan does not address certain major routes.  Bike improvements on NW Highway, Central Ave, and Golf Rd transportation have been assigned to a regional body, the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC).
  3. The NWMC has designated Golf Rd as a Tier 1 route.  Portions of this construction have been funded and completed.
  4. The NWMC approved the Northwest Highway Corridor Bicycle Facilities Plan on Feb 8, 2012.  This plan describes bike paths and lanes along Northwest Highway from Barrington to Park Ridge.  Municipalities along the route are seeking grant funding to get the project rolling.
  5. The Illinois Bike Transportation Plan is being finalized by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
  6. Connecting Cook County is an initiative by the by the county Department of Transportation.  It is currently (March 2014) requesting survey responses regarding bicycle planning.  Fill out their survey here:
Ken Brey,
Oct 26, 2016, 5:59 AM